4 & 20 Imperial Black IPA

4 and 20 Black IPA


Our signature 4 & 20 Imperial Black IPA (made in collaboration with Lucky Labrador) represents the smooth complexities of our upcoming line of fine beers. The name, 4 & 20, derives from our infusion of four hops and twenty plato*. (And, sure, it’s also a nod to the well-known English nursery rhyme dating back to the 18th century.)

Let’s sing along to Culmination’s 4 & 20!

Sing a song of sixpence
A kettle full of hops
Four and twenty discerning blackbirds
tasted it and said ‘it’s tops!’
After the beer was sampled
The birds began to sing:
Wasn’t that a most tasty brew
Perhaps too good even for a king!

* Plato represents a measurement of liquid density, i.e.: the amount of sugars in the wort versus the amount of water in the wort. As such, the plato number is directly correlated with the final amount of body and alcohol by volume.